A service to acquire traffic optimized for predictive events
Use STEP2024 promo code and get a free 30-day trial
Use STEP2024 promo code and get a free 30-day trial
What’s the point in buying traffic optimized for predictive events? In most cases, the payback period of user acquisition may last quite long Solution: pLTV — predictive event-based optimization
How it works
Features of Predictous
01. Acquisition of users with the highest lifetime value
The model works for any type of business, even for those with a long payback cycle
02. Provision of the most representative benchmarks
For example, Predictous allows to use pCPA instead of metrics that do not correlate directly with the conversion (like Install Rate, Retention Rate)
03. Acquisition of premium users
Based on the recoupment calculation for users acquired this way
04. Opportunity to save budget on fraud traffic
Predictous targets only active users and avoids certain types of fraud, thus no budget is spent on inactive users and bots
05. Precise assessment of the new user acquisition channels
The channels assessment technology is based not only on the primary metrics (CPI, CPA, CR), but also on the analysis of previously acquired users
Free test
Results you will get


increase in ROI


increase in LTV / purchase frequency


prediction accuracy

<7 days

from the cabinet activation in Predictous to the finished model

Predictous is suitable for all companies that meets the following criteria
A sustainable economic model allowing to calculate ROI
Min 10,000 users in the database
Among them, at least 30% of target users. When the target is pLTV, it
refers to users who shop frequently enough
One of common mobile tracking systems: AppsFlyer, Adjust
Functioning tracking of user events on the advertiser's platform
Effective tracking of monetization events
Ability to provide API-access to the tracking system data

Fast Food Restaurants Chain

Optimized campaigns using Smart Event. The CRR for them became lower than the CRR of conventional campaigns

4 times

increased budget of predictive ad campaigns from October to February and reduced the share of regular promotion

By 25%

reduced CRR for the period from October 2021 to February 2022 compared to conventional campaigns

By 23%

lowered CPO


  • Attracting effective traffic to the client's application
  • Optimizing the CPA for the order
  • Reducing the CRR. This indicator reflects the effectiveness of campaigns with the predictive model, and helps increase the client's profit
  • Increasing the LTV of attracted users. This can be achieved by increasing the frequency of orders per user or increasing the value of the average bill


  • Accumulating 30,000 installs, among
    them — at least 40% with conversion
  • Creating a tree of user behavior
  • Making recommendations for the client on unmarked events on the event map
  • Starting to send a Smart Event. In July created test campaign optimized for a predictive event
  • Collecting additional raw data on the Push API and getting a key for sending s2s events
  • Updating the settings and enriching the Smart Event with additional information
How the cost is
The cost of the tariff depends on the total MAU of all applications added to the Predictous cabinet and on the number of created and active smart events. In addition to access to the cabinet, any tariff includes support from Predictous specialists (intro to predictive marketing, tips on setting up a promotional campaign, marking events, and integrating predictive events into advertising sources)
The client has registered two applications in the Predictous cabinet (for example, iOS and Android versions). Their total MAU currently amounts to 700 thousand users. The client has created one smart event that predictous LTV for both applications. The use of Predictous for such a client will be free in the first month (counting from the first smart events in the tracker), and starting from the second month, it will cost $5,000

The cost of one smart event per month
(VAT not included)

Cost of the test
Basic < 300.000 $1000 $0
Plus < 3.000.000 $5000 $0
Enterprise > 3.000.000 Custom $0
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One week
Using machine learning, we form segments of effective users using retro data and / or data collected as part of an advertising campaign
One month
Launching a test with pLTV optimization
The channels used are channel A, B, C, etc.
Gradually increase the split after accumulating enough events for training the model
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